AVR4004 Artistic Game Design for VR/AR Productions

    • Number of credits
    • Teaching semester
      2023 Autumn
    • Language of instruction
    • Campus
    • Required prerequisite knowledge

      No special requirements.

Course content

Central topics:

  • Artistic statement and expressions in and with games
  • Use of virtual space as artistic expression
  • Using formal aesthetical means such as colour, form, rhythm, and contrast in VR/AR applications aiming for a holistic and congruent result and gestalt
  • Game creation for serious games
  • World building for serious games
  • Level design
  • Narrative in serious games
  • UX in serious games
  • Rules, affordances and agency in serious games
  • Prototyping serious games
  • Serious games for VR/AR platforms
  • User experience and evaluation

Learning Outcome

A candidate who has completed the course has the following total learning outcomes, defined by knowledge, skills and general competence:


The candidate

  • has advanced knowledge in the field of serious games
  • has advanced knowledge of the artists’ role in relation to the design and creation of serious games
  • has advanced knowledge of how rules, audio-visual content, events and narratives affect serious games
  • has advanced knowledge of skills and disciplines required within a team working on serious games
  • has thorough knowledge on explaining artistic motivation and design choices
  • has thorough knowledge of the interplay between a game and its context
  • has advanced knowledge of developing interactive toolbox for testing purpose

The candidate

  • can take the creative lead in conceptualizing game worlds for serious games
  • can develop and communicate complex artistic visions for and with serious games
  • can design for a specific user experience can collaborate with clients, the public and multidisciplinary teams
  • can apply her knowledge and competence to a wide range of platforms, including VR/AR
  • can assess a game and its context through systems analysis
General competence

The candidate

  • can apply an iterative design process in serious games creation
  • can promote artistic choices, research perspectives, and ethical considerations
  • can maintain an overview and navigate a multidisciplinary serious games production team
  • can analyse serious games from artistic, theoretical and ethical perspectives
Teaching and working methods

The course is organised as a combination of lectures, practical exercises, and supervision. Throughout the course, students will do practical work on a gamification project in groups.

Required coursework
  • 1 group assignment making a Serious Game simulation using system thinking, XR, Programming and a game engine. Done in cooperation with the Artists.
Form of assessment

● 1 oral group examination which counts for 40% of the grade
● 1 group folder assignment (assessed from the compulsory group assignments) which counts for 60% of the grade

To pass the course, both examinations must be passed.

All group members share responsibility for the full content of the assignment/product/performance from the group-projects.

Alphabetical grades are used, on a scale from A to F, with E as the lowest passing grade.

Form of assessmentGrading scaleGroupingDuration of assessmentSupport materialsProportionComment
Oral examination
Portfolio Assessment
Professional overlap
AVR4003 Technical Game Design for VR/AR Productions
Faculty of Audiovisual Media and Creative Technologies
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